Tuesday 24 July 2012

Chunky Jewellery Bohemian Inspirations...

Rachel Zoe bohemian style for some inspiration... I love that woman

Sometimes a chunky jewellery piece brings the whole outfit together... Generally during the summer I like to wear thin rings stacked together but now and then I enjoy a nice chunky statement ring... Think Rachel Zoe, big hair, dark red lips, floaty blouse and a nice over-sized statement ring... Got to love the bohemian look! This one although massive is actually quite comfortable to wear... Weight-wise it's not as heavy as it looks and so it doesn't get in my way when I wear it... I really grew to love this ring and can see myself abusing it quite a bit during the colder months, that's when I tend to wear chunky rings... 

A few times I found myself picking up the ring from the vanity table and wearing it at home even when I'm not going anywhere... Other than being fabulous the other plus of this ring is that it looks pretty expensive, but the truth is - it's not! Like a few Claire's pieces I have featured this summer you'd never guess they are! Claire's has been a funny discovery for me, I always thought of it as a shopping resort strictly for schoolgirls but ends up there are a few goodies for the grow-ups too! This over-sized chunky fabulous ring will be out in stores the first week of August! Definitely something to look forward to!


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