Sunday 1 July 2012

Top 10 Bright Summer Nail Polishes!

from left to right:
 China Glaze Sun-Kissed
Nars Amchoor
Chanel Holiday
Essie Too Too Hot
China Glaze Flirty Tankini
Rococo Funboy Matte
Essie Tour de Finance
Zoya Wednesday
Deborah Lippmann On The Beach
H&M No Mambo Jambo

I decided to start July by celebrating my nail polish love! Having an extensive nail polish collection of 100+ [I know, I know...] - I picked out the colours that I absolutely adore this summer, they are my absolute gold medallists! As you can see they are bright and cheerful... I'm totally loving the bright/neon trend this year and decided that fashion/beauty-wise 2012 summer needs to be remembered as the fun and colourful summer of all summers! This year I have discovered quite a few wonderful nail polish brands that I am very happy to have in my collection including China Glaze, Deborah Lippmann and Zoya...

Now lets talk about... colours! China Glaze Sun-Kissed [S12 collection] is a true neon yellow highlighter with shimmer, awesome is the only word that comes to mind! Nars Amchoor [S12 collection] is a true canary yellow, makes me think of New York taxis... Chanel Holiday [S12 collection], whoever came up with the name is a genius, it is the perfect coral orange that makes you think of holidays, very chic colour... Essie Too Too Hot [I believe from last year's summer collection], is a colour that is hard to describe, it's not a red, not a coral, not a pink, but a mixture of all three and it's incredibly flattering and always makes me think of hot summer! China Glaze Flirty Tankini [also from the S12 collection]  is a neon pink with shimmer, which I'd say is the sexiest colour out of this bunch! But it does need a good shake as the shimmer in this one tends to settle down and the colour won't be as beautiful without it! 

And the final five... Rococo Funboy Matte is the brightest out of all of them, you can see it from miles! I got it in summer 2010 but I didn't like how it looked as soon as it dried - it dies matte... Somehow I never managed to find the right occasion for it ever since, until this summer when I tried it with a topcoat and it looks so fun!! Essie Tour de Finance, if I'm not mistaken I got this spring... It's a fuchsia pink with purple iridescence, pretty sexy too! Zoya Wednesday [S12 collection], this one had the most compliments, literally everywhere I went people kept asking what nail polish it is! It's the coolest green teal... Deborah Lippmann On The Beach [S12 collection], another fantastic teal I have been obsessed with... It's a very flattering blue teal, and the name just screams seaside holidays... And last but by no means least is the H&M No Mambo Jambo - an emerald green with blue and green iridescence, which I got this May... It's rubies on your nails! Every single colour mentioned here gets equal amount of love from moi!


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