Wednesday 18 July 2012

Lucky Yellow Pants...

If you are from London, or you are currently in London you will understand the f-ing weather frustration!! It's the middle of summer, but it's raining every single day for the past couple of months, with some sunshine coming through... It is the most annoying weather ever, instead of blue skies and bright sunshine most part of the day is pretty grey and cloudy - what to do before you decide to hang yourself?! Do not give up just yet... I most certainly have waved goodbye to my shorts and tank tops, yet I am somehow far from the winter gear... At the very moment it's pretty funny to see what people are wearing in London... It goes from parkas to trench coats, and winter-boots to those that like wet and cold feet - flip flops, yes you heard it right, but I think you get to see those cuckoos all year round... 

The way I like to inject a little bit of summer in my outfits is the coloured pants... Seriously every time I see a nice pair of coloured pants I feel joy and begin to see sunshine through the rain! It's like an epiphany, speak to me Jesus Christ Superstar! Coloured pants are just so inspirational... All you need to go with it are basics... As you can see on the pics I like wearing these pale lemon yellow Zara pants [they got a gold zip detail at the ankle] with a basic white long sleeve casual top and a white ceramic watch... It's as simple as that, but nonetheless it's got a huge impact... The colours make you glow, and you look like you just came from a holiday regardless of all the current weather circumstances... Cha-ching!


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