Thursday 12 July 2012

Super Chic Summery Gold & Black Eyeliner...

After watching Pixiwoo Sam creating this beautiful Easy Bright Summer Eyeliner look, I couldn't wait to try it on myself! I absolutely loved it on Sam, but had no idea that actually it would come out pretty flattering on me too... I find it incredibly chic... It's definitely adding a fun element to your ordinary make up, yet it's so simple and quick... This eye look makes you look fresh and radiant, and I will be definitely wearing it day or night this summer... If you are wondering which eyeliners I used to create this eye look, they were: N7 Amazing Eyes Liner in Black, and The Body Shop Eye Lustre Liner in Golder Radiance... Instantly it has become my favourite go to summer eye look for those days when I only have a few minutes to spare but in the mood for something rather fabulous!! 

Love, love, love it!! Thank you Sam x



  1. Actually you wear it better than sam. So beautiful. I think the gold she did is more dramatuc but id wear your colors for an everyday look. Take care.

    1. aww thanks Joy! and thanks for reminding me of this look, I loved wearing it in summer, looking at it now I think it may also work with a red lip as a winter glam eve look.. :) x