Monday 23 July 2012

Lush Love!

My Lush Love wasn't exactly at first sight... Last year when I first went into my local Lush shop I felt overwhelmed... All the smells and so many products to choose from... I remember my first ever Lush product, a beauty-lover friend from the US sent me the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub in her package, and the rest was history... By now I have discovered lots of Lush products that I absolutely adore... For instance the only shampoo I use now, and I'm almost through my second jar is Big Shampoo... 

The majority of products in my bathroom are from Lush... From massage bars to shower-gels... I quite like how the soap bars look, I always keep them out on a soap dish, and they smell so yummy leaving my bathroom smell gorgeous... If you have not discovered Lush yet I urge you to do that, just be patient and you will find a few great products... Last time I was at my Lush shop for the vip launch party I had some spare time and decided to take pics so I hope you will enjoy them! Please feel free to share your favourite Lush products in the comments below...


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