Saturday 28 July 2012

Grunge Jewellery...

Lipstick: Topshop Firecracker

I really love these, they come in perfect as I am currently obsessed with skulls and crosses, they are Claire's and will be coming out in the first week of August!

These grunge pair of skulls are the longest earrings in my collection, no doubt... They are really light weight tho, do not be scared of the metal amount, the pieces are hollow... I quite like the look when wearing them with hair down, they kind of get mingled in my hair and here and there show a cross or two... Outfit-wise I went with a neon tank top and black layered short skirt, the fabric is nice and floaty, so it's perfect for bare legs or if it would get colder again, I'll just throw on some black tights and wear it that way... I really like clothes that I can wear all year round, they are more fun to work with, you can style them diffrently and transform the look entirely...


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