Monday 16 July 2012

Essie Fill The Gap!

Being a dedicated nail polish lover I had almost two weeks of wearing nothing but this base coat by Essie... I had a bare-nails phase... It is good to give your nails a break from your beloved nail polishes... Which is like impossible, but I was super busy with other things and so actually didn't have much time for painting my nails that often anyway... Although I always do find time for doing my nails, last time I had to wake up at four am for a flight, I stayed up till one finishing packing and then looked at my nails and thought there is no way I will be flying with a chipped nail... There I was painting my nails in the middle of the night, yes that crazy... Essie Fill The Gap! is a ridge smoothing base coat that dries matte and I really like that look, it makes an incredibly chic looking manicure, the nails look fresh, healthy and buffed... It's been my go to top coat for the past couple of months and I really like it as a base coat or obviously just on its own...


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