Thursday, 19 July 2012

Hourglass Visionaire in Prism...

This is a rare occasion of me liking cold grey/silver shades on my eyes... But this silver is an interesting one, it's a dark metallic silver, darker in real life than it came out here in the picture with a flash... The black is pretty stunning too, it's got fine silver glitter running through... Blacks are also not the easiest of all colours to work with in general, as they usually are quite chalky and go on patchy... But the formulation of these eyeshadows is pretty fabulous... Incredibly smooth and the pay off is fantastic too, the eyeshadow glides beautifully over your eyelid and blending is also very easy and smooth... The way I used this duo is by firstly applying the silver shade all over, going with it also under the lower lashes and the black I applied over the top lash line smoking it out real good... Those are not the colours I'd naturally go for, but was nicely surprised with the outcome! Perfect for a sultry/chic evening look...


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