Wednesday, 18 July 2012

MAC Coppering...

I used MAC Coppering Eyeshadow already a few times and I really really recommend it for blue/grey eyes - makes them p-o-p pretty g-o-o-d!! I got this pan together with the MAC quad and another beautiful eyeshadow, the Antiqued, which I am wearing in my Mac Pro Colour x 4 compact... blog post, so definitely check it out if you are into brown-reds... I had Coppering on my must-get list for a while but for some reason every time I went to the MAC counter and looked at it I thought it might be too red for my liking... But I decided to finally get it and see how it goes... And I am most certainly happy I did(!) - it's a beautiful eyeshadow, and definitely one of my favourite MAC eyeshadows... Very chic!


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