Wednesday 4 July 2012

Givenchy Vax'In For Youth Eye Serum...

I just finished my YSL Lisse Expert Advanced eye cream, which I used for something like two years... These products are pretty pricey, but if you think about it, they last such long time that really they are worth it... Now I will be switching to Vax'In full time... But I did use it quite a few times in conjunction with the YSL eye cream... I love the texture, it's exactly how I like my eye cream/serum to be, nice and light... I can't stand heavy or greasy eye products, they just feel like smearing lard under your eyes, one example is that  super thick Bobbi Brown eye cream... Ugh... 

Givenchy Vax'In For Youth Eye Serum is a 15 ml pump bottle, which I love because YSL eye cream had not the greatest packaging, the eye cream was sometimes leaking out, wasting product and making mess... So I do love the design of this pump, it feels heavy and luxurious and looks pretty sleek too! As for the product, like I said I love the silky texture and for me it's moisturising enough... The reviews I read are fantastic... According to Marie Claire this product is meant to be 'science in the bottle, helping your skin to produce its own age-defying protein to combat wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness'... Good enough for moi!


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