Friday 27 July 2012


middle finger: bird ring by accessorize + club charm ring by whistles
index finger: love/hate flip ring by freedom at topshop

middle finger: oversized oval ring with purple enamel and gold dots by accessorize

middle finger: black mesh bow ring by claire's + love/hate flip ring by freedom at topshop
index finger: burnished gold woven ring by accessorize

index finger: oversized black chunky ring by claire's [out first week of august]
middle finger: chunky glam rock ring by accessorize

middle finger: turquoise and gold lace ring by accessorize

Are you an earring, necklace, bangles or ring person? I used to be an earring girl... I still have a big collection - haven't found a way to utilise them since I stopped wearing all of my statement earrings... Nowadays I hardly ever wear anything on my earlobes... I compensate it with rings however! I do love my statement necklaces too, but I find with rings you can have so much fun, go wild, go pretty, go chic... Here I picked out a few rings from my collection... As there are so many and some of them I have bought when travelling or got as a gift I wouldn't be able to tell you where they are from, so I will only name the most recent additions... The two rings that I have been wearing literally non stop since I got them is that Club Charm Ring by Whistles and that absolutely awesome Love/Hate Flip Ring by Freedom at Topshop... This is definitely a Love situation...



  1. Can I ask in the top photo please where the red lips ring is from?

    I know it's an old post :) but I just spied it and I'm in love with that ring xx

    1. Oh it's from Accessorize too, sometimes they do such fab rings! I got it ages ago, I think might have been last year but I wear it quite often especially with a black outfit and red lips :) I really love Lisa Eldridge's ceramic red lip ring that she wears quite often in her vids, so when I saw this one I had to get it, also hoping to find a highstreet version of her ring! xx

    2. Thanks lovely :) I've found a similar one from Guess, but it's pretty expensive, I'll trawl Accessorize at the weekend and see if there's anything still available :) xx (I love everything Lisa Eldridge wears too, I've seen that ring too and it's beautiful!!)