Sunday 10 June 2012

Avon Star...

Now that I have gone off the bright nail colours, not because I'm not enjoying them anymore but I tend to wear nail colours according to how I dress... Here in London being as cold and rainy as on some warm winter days I am back to wearing a lot of dark colours and jeans, more calm nail colours have been appealing to me in the past week or so... And I also started craving reds and other dark colours I tend to wear during winter... Anyways here is a very flattering pearlescent white by Avon... It's incredibly elegant... If you are a nail polish addict like I am chances are you already have quite a few Avon nail polishes, they really are great quality, and this one stayed for a good few days before chipping and that's with dish washing and everything... Talking of reds, my favourite red used to be the Avon Nailwear Real Red, it's a kind of retro/vintage red, I still have a bit left, not sure if it still is around as this bottle is quite a few years old by now, I always used it sparingly... If you haven't tried Avon nail polishes yet, I highly recommend them!


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