Friday 29 June 2012

Balenciaga L'Essence...

...comes in a little pouch...

When I smelled Balenciaga L'Essence for the first time the scent reminded me on that French man I used to see and the beautiful time we had... It's a very luring, powerful, sensual fragrance with a hint of masculinity... It's an incredibly chic and sexy perfume, French affair sexy... In no time it has become one of my all time favourite sensual fragrances... "L’Esssence is impulsive. L’Essence is unambiguous. On the skin, L’Essence is as pure as the searing honesty of short-lived flowers.  Violet leaves are like a blast of woodland and their youthful energy stimulates the skin. Violet leaves are unfailingly honest and offer up their exquisite coarseness. Vetiver also takes the upper hand, wild, unruly and incisive…"


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