Friday 29 June 2012

Lancome Rouge In Love Miss Coquelicot...

Anything that has the word 'love' in is hard not to love... This is my favourite shade from the current Lancome In Love line... Miss Coquelicot, which means poppy, is a beautiful coral orange... Corals and oranges are a huge beauty trend this summer... Corals are the new reds... Although in the bullet the lipstick looks completely matte once you start working it it melts into a glossy gorgeousness... I wouldn't say it's an opaque lipstick, but it's not sheer either, I'd say it's right in the middle... And it feels very light on the lips... I found myself a few times thinking my lips felt so light that it probably was time to reapply the lipstick, but every time I checked in the mirror Miss Coquelicot was still perfectly in place! Rouge In Love comes in 24 shades and 3 styles... M - Jolis Matins [Sweet Morning] - fresh and wearable; B - Boudoir Time - on trend chic day to night; and N - Tonight is My Night - rich and sexy... Miss Coquelicot is Boudoir Time!


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