Wednesday 13 June 2012

Estee Lauder Limited Edition Bronze Sands...

Estee Lauder Limited Edition
Pure Color 
Five Color Gelée Powder EyeShadow Palette
in Bonze Sands


Isn't this the most grand looking eye-palette?! It doesn't only look incredibly luxurious it also feels fabulously velvety and gorgeous... I have been absolutely loving the new gelee formula Estee Lauder created! You can read more about this formula previously in my previous review last month, which can be used dry or wet for more intensity... I just checked online and it's sold out, so do hurry to your Estee Lauder counter if you love seductive eye-look like I do! This is really the only palette where I can use all the colours... Usually in any eye-palette I get there is always one colour that I'm not keen on.. Here I used the most daring colour of this palette to show you how user-friendly it is - the metallic teal blue! 

Usually I stay away from colours on my eyes but this palette is so stunning that I love every single colour... In the pics I used three colours the middle [teal blue], uper-left [bronze], left-side [the highlighter] - all of the five colours are metallic for a seductive summer ahead! The other two colours are a gold and a chocolate... I used the blue teal all over the lid lightly and then applied the bronze over it in the v shape, also using both colours underneath the lower lash line, and the shimmery cream colour I used as a highlighter... As you can see the blue comes through gently yet makes the bronze eye-look a lot more interesting and there I say sultry! But you can create so many different looks, from something mild going into real intense pure colour blocking... Stunning, stunning, stunning!


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