Monday 25 June 2012

Zara Home Sale!

I was so happy when Zara Home opened in Hampstead, funny enough before this one I have never been to a Zara Home store... Now living five minute walk away from Zara Home is just delightful! I try not to go to Zara Home very often as with their clothing shop I can not get enough of their pieces... I tend to get things like cushions, candle holders, picture frames, and drinking glasses - there is a lot of wonderful stuff... They have a great variety of everything that a chic home may ever need... 

I love how they have different sections, according to colour scheme... Oh my, just love it! So a sale does come in handy... This cushion that you can see on the pic I have been eyeing for a while, it's a beautiful blue print on white linen which reminds me on beach house colour scheme... Now that the cushion was reduced hey presto it has a new home! Also their drinking glasses are just so pretty, they are very delicate and I love storing my lipsticks in them, I section them into nudes, darks, and brights... It's another way to make your vanity table look a little more chic!


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