Wednesday 20 June 2012

Bright Summer Colours - Corals!

For those who asked me about my outfit in the previous blog post! This is how I wear corals, it's an orange that I find incredibly flattering, instead of making you look dead like some bright colours can do, it makes you glow and look fresh! It's a nice way to introduce colour to your outfit when the weather is so-so yet you are sick of wearing dark colours, mind you it is mid June! So there you are black jeans with zip detail at the side on the bottom of the leg from beloved Zara, I am literally not allowed anywhere close to this store - this year they had one amazing collection after another, dan-ger-ous!! 

Anyways, underneath the sweater I am wearing also a black body thing which has cut out net detail, pretty sexy, perfect to go underneath something to just reveal like one shoulder... I chose a lot of black to make this coral pop even more, also it kind of keeps the whole clean and chic, you don't want to confuse loud colours, let them speak for themselves... I actually quite like wearing things when possible off shoulder, it makes even the dullest old sweater look more interesting... Et voilĂ !


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