Sunday 24 June 2012

Temporary Tattoos...

Last time I went to boots I got super excited when I saw these temporary tattoos! Skinart does them in different categories depending on what you like... But I always was attracted to words when it comes to tattoos and only in black! Tattoos is something I have been thinking about for the past couple of years, I just don't feel like I have chosen the right part of my body or the right word yet, although I do have a rough idea what I'd like... Of course with tattoos you have to think twice before you get it done... Some of the tattoos can look horrendous, so this is just a perfect way to see if you actually would like a real tattoo before you get it... These last four showers, but on hands or fingers they go faster... This pack has plenty of love-words, which I love of course! And then one sheet has the alphabet so you can create your own words...

So what I did was, I chose three places on my body which I actually quite like on other people... Neck area is where I thought to get mine if I ever would... Ends up I am hating it on me, reason being just like your name necklace you will only see it in the mirror, being reflected it reads reversed... Why on earth would I want to see 'evol' everyday on my neck?? So thank god it's not a real one, it would drive me cuh-razy! But I do like it on pictures... Then I tried the arm which I really love on other people, I absolutely hate it on myself in terms of if it was real, every time I glance at it it makes me feel like a punk... It's a little too much on me... And interestingly enough the tattoo I enjoyed most sofar is the finger tattoo... It sits good, I wouldn't go for a real shhh as I find it retarded, but it would be one word and I'd down size it if I'd go for the real one, to make it look more chic... I am loving the fact that I can try all of them and they will be off in the next couple of days... Absolutely loving that, perfect summer fun!


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