Tuesday 26 June 2012

Travel with Muji...

...filled up Muji TPU Travel Pouch in Medium [19x13cm]... 
things I would take with me on an airplane: 
Chanel Sculpting Brow Pencil in Blond Clair
Pixi Lid&Line in No.6
Bottega Veneta 20ml Purse Spray
YSL Matt and Radiant Pressed Powder
Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in Coral Fantasy
By Terry Blush in Torrid Peach
Jurlique Rose Hand Cream
DHC Lip Cream
Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 03

Claire's Contact-Lenses Patent Croc Case...
Very chic!

...comes with a contact lenses container, and even has a tiny mirror inside!

Muji travel stuff, from top left: nail files, a double ended black pen, 
small and large brush cases, blotting paper, under eye patches, compressed facial wipes, and a medium travel pouch...

Muji black linen large pencase that I would use as a make-up bag, only £2!!!

Ok, I decided since everyone is travelling right now to suggest a few things which I think are awesome when it comes to travelling! I don't know about you, but I'm sick of those airport plastic bags you have to put your precious make up into... I mean Chanel, YSL, By Terry, Estee Lauder, Bottega Veneta, etc in a plastic bag, seriously?! No, no more plastic bags for moi thank you very much! Last time I went to Selfridges I decided to check out Muji, I know they deliver super fast if you order online, which is great if you are running like a headless chicken sorting out stuff before you go away! 

The size of the travel pouch that is big enough for me is the medium, but there also was a bigger one which is still within the regulations of course... Personally I think if you can, keep it as small as possible bcs you don't want to make your handbag even heavier [unless you really have to], we always over-pack anyway, snacks, three different flavours of chewing gum, magazines, books, whatnot... Although I chose the medium travel pouch, I still have quite a bit of space left as you can see on the pic... If I'd travel I'd also throw in a small pack of wet tissues, a hand sanitiser, and a small bottle of contact lenses solution, which all would fit in perfectly... And then also to avoid confusion I like to keep all the make up dry and wet in one place...

I also picked up a large black linen pencase, which is a perfect size to be a small make up bag that is great for travelling or not, it was on sale, so I paid 2 quid for it, yay!! I love linen stuff, it's quite resilient and always looks chic... When you get bored on the airplane you can just move all your make up from the transparent pouch to a cute looking make up bag, just a suggestion... I had a good browse at Muji and they have plenty of other really convenient things for travelling, starting from a fold-up tooth brush, to blotting paper... 

I also quite liked their brush cases in different sizes, the big one fits my longest MAC brush easily... The other two items I though were quite fun as well is a pack of the tablet looking compressed dehydrated facial wipes... You can conveniently place one of those in a plastic glass and pour a little hot or cold water on top and watch it grow, super refreshing for your face or hands... And also under eye patches are pretty good for when travelling, especially if you are prone to puffy eyes... Just take a small tube of cooling eye gel, apply a tiny amount onto the patches and place them under the eyes... If you don't want to look ridiculous pull on an eye mask for 10-15 minutes and relax!

And although the next two items are not Muji I could not not include them... Cute looking Claire's holiday theme nail file and they had this neat looking contact-lenses case, which I couldn't walk past... My eyes get very dry on airplanes, so I find it's nice to take your contact lenses out during the flight and give your eyes a little break... And with this chic looking patent croc contact lenses case you can easily do this in the convenience of your seat!  

Update: Those tablet looking dehydrated things aren't tissues as I suspected... There is no word in English on that little pack so you'd never guess that in fact those tiny things are tissue masks that you can unfold after you pour a little water on them... The mask has holes for the eyes, nose and mouth... What a surprise it was, I wouldn't have thought in a million years that that's what it is... I wonder how many people found themselves trying to wipe their hands with it, thinking: 'It doesn't quite look like a tissue, hold on, it's a facial mask??!'


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