Thursday 14 June 2012

Zara Collection Shorts-Skirt...

This has been my uniform for the past couple of days! I adore this two-in-one piece by Zara and got so many compliments for the shorts-skirt that I decided to blog about before it's sold out! I was actually looking for a dark skirt in the exact shape, it's floaty, and kind of looks effortless but pretty with just some black tights and ankle boots, and because it's a light denim/pale blue you can go any way with it, either keeping it plain as I did with a black top or jazz it up with some quirky pattern blouse or Tee... 

The shorts-skirt wears wonderfully! Super comfy, and the fabric is very soft, in fact it's one of those pieces you can easily wear all year around... As you can see on the pics from the front it looks like a skirt, if you flick that part of fabric on the left you can see the shorts... The way it's done is that one leg is a normal width short and the other is a wide creating an illusion of a skirt! And the bum looks like a simple pair of shorts... Got two faux pockets on the back, and two comfy real pockets on the sides, which I always love in a skirt, it's the cutest/coolest look when you can put your hands in the pockets of a skirt! I know this one is going to be one of their best sellers so run before it's gone!


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