Thursday 28 June 2012

Becca Jewel Dust Nissa...

Ladybirds - Skin Art Temporary Tattoos, 
Love is Enough - the romantic collection...

This is the perfect barely there summery wet eye look... I like Becca Nissa after a couple of hours best, it starts to look lived in, and gives your eyelids a pretty 'wet' look rather than the shimmery sparkles you can see straight after you apply it... Nissa is a duochrome, which is a reddish chocolate brown with blue/green shimmer... The blue/green shimmer doesn't come through as a strong colour but its purpose is rather to create a glowy wet looking texture... It's an incredibly flattering eyeshadow, very very pretty indeed... Nissa is very sheer and perfect for that bronzy goddess look we all fancy during the summer months!  

Beauty tip: I found it looked best on me when I added a bit of MAC Coppering in the crease and then applied Becca Nissa on top, it just gives a little more definition without intruding in that barely there make up look... I also took MAC Coppering under the lower lash line to smoke it out, even during summer I have to have some sort of dark eyeliner either on the lid or waterline... When you first apply Nissa it has a lot of shimmer and therefore I would not recommend taking it under your lower lash-line because of the fall-out... Nissa looks very different from the first instant you apply it to the end result... Going from shimmer and sparkle to a creamy smooth beautiful texture... Be patient with Nissa, and you will love it!


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