Saturday 30 June 2012

Chic Make-Up Bag...

When you have fabulous make-up in your collection naturally you will want to keep it in something equally fabulous... I found this neat quilted make-up bag at Claire's, yet again, a shop I'd never think of when the word 'chic' comes to mind... Surprisingly enough I found quite a few neat things there this summer... If you are a contact lenses wearer check out my previous blog post on beauty-travelling tips for the fun patent croc contact lenses case --> Travel with Muji... This make-up bag here is a really good size, I don't like too big make-up bags as they take up too much space, and too small are useless as nothing fits in... What I also quite like about this one is that the zip goes all the way around, which means you can open it like a book and see everything rather than piling things up or needing to dig through the stuff to find the lipstick right at the bottom, of course... And although camera didn't pick up on it well, but it's a black on gold leopard print... Meow!


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