Wednesday 13 June 2012

Zoya Wednesday...

Yay(!) the sun came out today! So I thought this Wednesday will be the Zoya Wednesday! It's a really cool colour, not too bright but bright enough to make a statement... Today I am wearing a black blouse, black ankle boots and black tights, with a pale denim shorts-skirt, so Wednesday creates a nice pop of colour! It's a greenish teal which is kind of retro yet chic... And of course it's part of my favourite combination this summer, if only we had sun every day in London [at least during summer], teal and bronze are the best marriage ever! Wednesday is from one the current summer 2012 collection, it's divided in two , six colours each - the Beach Collection has lighter all cream finish colours, and the Surf Collection has essentially very similar six colours but a little more intense and with shimmer! I absolutely adore this nail polish, it's actually my first Zoya nail polish and the quality is amazing, very opaque, and looks flawless after two coats!


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